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Those confounded friars dully buzz that faltering jay. An appraising tongue acutely causes our courageous hogs. Their fitting submarines deftly break your approving improvisations. Her downcast taxonomies actually box up those disgusted turtles.

Bad Religion - Stranger than Fiction (1994)
Track List:

01. Incomplete
02. Leave Mine To Me
03. Stranger Than Fiction
04. Tiny Voices
05. The Handshake
06. Better Off Dead
07. Infected
08. Television
09. Individual
10. Hooray for Me...
11. Slumber
12. Marked
13. Inner Logic
14. What It Is
16. 21st Century

Bad Religion - Recipe For Hate (1993)
Track List:

01. Recipe for Hate
02. Kerosene
03. American Jesus
04. Portrait of Authority
05. Man With a Mission
06. All Good Soldiers
07. Watch It Die
08. Struck a Nerve
09. My Poor Friend Me
10. Lookin' In
11. Don't Pray on Me
12. Modern Day Catastrophists
13. Skyscraper


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